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Principal's Welcome

Mrs. Upma Mahajan

Welcome to the Portals of an institution where education is imparted not just to give bookish knowledge but to make it as an indespenisble part of one's life. The aim of institution is to spread the light of education in this semi-urban, literally backward border area. We aspire our students not just to be useful parts of the society but also to be achievers. We shape them.

"Not to be dumb driven cattle, but a hero in the strive"

Sumitra Devi Arya Sr. Sec. School is a junction where education is holistic assimilation of values, tradition, knowledge and success. Today when we are facing challenges raised by exorbitant insurgence of Westernization and Globalization, education gives a firm base and footing to our young budding scholars. We strive to sketch each of our students academically, emotionally, culturally and physically through first rate teaching. Learning opportunities. We shape our students to work consistently, constantly preservingly and ceaselessly to meet the toughest challenges as nothing is invincible.

Principal's Welcome: About Us
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